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Whim on a Limb is a new business. Currently we do not sell products from this site. You will find our items in many shops in the Cape Ann area.
Please contact us for more information.
Thank you!

Please leave a 
detailed voicemail message.
We will return your call within 24 hours.
You may email us at:

Buy our stickers:

Rockport Market Variety Store - 21 Broadway, Rockport, MA  978- 546-3684

Katies Gift Shop - 3 Mt. Pleasant St. (Dock Squ), Rockport, MA 978-546-9018

The Galleree - 77 Main St., Rockport, MA 978-546-9007

Rockport Inn and Suites - 183 Main St., Rockport, MA 978-546-3300

The Willow Rest - 1 Holly St., Gloucester, MA 978-283-2417

Cape Ann Whale Watch - 415 Main St, Rose's Wharf, Gloucester, MA 978-283-5110