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Whim on a Limb is the story of two friends, Rosemarie and Ariana, who live in the small coastal town of Rockport, Massachusetts which is located on the north shore of Boston on Cape Ann. Cape Ann includes the city of Gloucester and the towns of Essex,  Manchester-by-the Sea and Rockport. We enjoy making stuff, coming up with ideas, promoting local artisans and thinking of ways to sell our whims to people who want to go out on a limb with us!
Thanks for joining us!!

This is what we have so far...

 We are proud of our rocky coast and cool waters and want to promote this delightful and charming area using our clever slogans. ..​​​

Cape Ann stickers:

  In 1614 the English Captain John Smith named the area around Gloucester Tragabigzanda after a Turkish princess. Later, England's King Charles renamed it in honor of his mother Queen Anne.
Cape Ann shares the same Atlantic Ocean coastal waters as Cape Cod but the temperature is colder...
though our hearts are warm.

Cape Ann is proud to have the oldest seaport in the country, Gloucester. A fisherman at a wheel is an iconic statue that stands at it's shoreline. Cape Ann has many tourist attractions including whalewatching, Twin Lights Lighthouses and Lobster Restaurants. And always...the music of seagulls in the sky.